The Ultimate List of the Most Extreme Amazing Adventure Books

You’ve probably seen a lot of listicles roaming around on the Internet, right? They claim to be the biggest and the best resource for finding your next ultra-cringeworthy adventure novel to dive into beside the campfire this weekend. Well, I’ve compiled my own reading list for trail, crag, and mountain lovers alike. Some might say it’s the ultimate, most extreme book list on the planet. Read on, if you think you can hang.

By: Tommy Clawedwell

These days, it feels like there are just too darn many climbing documentaries about humans, and not nearly enough about crustaceans. The Prawn Wall project was the first National Geographic sponsored feature film that aimed to change this, giving sea life a chance at stardom. Written by Tommy Clawedwell, The Prawn Wall offers an intimate glimpse at the shrimp who trained his entire life to tackle the third-ever ascent of the Dawn Wall.

By: Thor VonCockhammer

Sure, climbing Everest is sort of impressive, but it’s 2019! Every Fortune 500 CEO has an Instagram selfie on the peak. In his seminal memoir, Thor VonCockhammer details his life-affirming double summit of the world’s tallest mountain from base camp in under 24 hours, exploring themes like manhood, chest hair, and reverse veganism.

By: Moonbeam Whisperlight

Inspired by many decades of vanlifers who came before her, Moonbeam Whisperlight felt inspired to take it a step further. That’s why she decided, in 2015, to quit her job, sell all of her possessions, and travel to each of the 50 states while living inside a giant, built-out flan. Yes, like the dessert. Follow her journey from girlhood into womanhood as she learns that foam is where you park it.

By: Brody Brogenson

The man. The myth. The finger. Scholars maintain that Brody Brogenson has the universe’s strongest index finger, and in this New York Times bestseller, he writes at length about the 387 free solos he’s managed to pull off using only that one secret weapon and a thimble of chalk. Comes with a bonus appendix of one-finger climbing exercises you can do from a desk chair.

By: Cheryl Delayed

Thru-hiking looks epic, right? Cheryl thought so too. Every day at her desk job, she would stare at trail photos and make elaborate gear wish lists on her Amazon Prime account, waiting for the perfect moment to take the leap. Until one fateful day, she walked into her boss’ office and… couldn’t muster up the gumption to quit. You can still find her compiling Pinterest boards of PCT campsites and learning how to use her Sawyer Mini near the third floor water cooler. A heartwarming tale about a dream that just hasn’t quite managed to happen yet.

By: E. L. Maims

There’s nothing better than grabbing a pair of enormous jugs after squeezing your fingers into a tight, little crack all afternoon. Plus, who doesn’t love being tied up as they hand jam the loosest, dirtiest rock in town? In her bestselling erotic rock-climbing memoir, Maims toes the line between romantic fantasy and rock climbing reality in a book that’ll leave you sweaty and begging for your chalk bag.

*Books in this list may or may not actually exist.

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