The Beautiful Binghi Bag!

So, you might have noticed that I have a camel-colored crossbody bag that I take with me everywhere. It popped up in my photo series from Peru, again on the trail in Zion, and now, it’s following me in business attire as I tackle my upcoming job interviews. This nifty handbag was sent to me by the wonderful folks at Atana Bags, and I’m positively addicted to its rugged versatility!

First of all, I admire their effort to create a uniquely sustainable and eco-conscious line of bags. The fabric is organic army duck canvas with a waxed finish, and the inner lining is 100% recycled PET from all the plastic water bottles people throw away. Even the zippers are made with recycled materials! Bravo.

When I first got the bag, I immediately thought it almost looked like vegan leather, giving it an unexpected, fashionable flare. The construction is solid, and I’ve loaded mine up with a Kindle, water bottle, and a thin extra thermal without feeling like I was cramming things in or like the strap was going to break. The interior pocket fits all the small things I’m addicted to like hair ties and lip balm. My only complaint is that I wish there was one more inner pocket for a cell phone. I’m a total organization nerd, and I know I would use it!

In Sanskrit, the word atana means “to wander.” I have certainly wandered all over the globe with this Binghi bag, and its unique versatility is what’s kept me from swapping it out with my other purses the last few months. It’s a fantastic piece for the urban adventurer or the weekend warrior, a purse that can glide through any office environment and help you crush on the trail later that day.

**This is a sponsored post. However, I only work with brands that I trust. I truly do take my Binghi bag with me everywhere and would heartily recommend it to anyone looking for a great adventure crossbody. Proceeds benefit 1% for the Planet.

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